Raffaella Santarsiere
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Raffaella Santarsiere

EY Global C-suite Programs Media Relations and Social Media Leader

Global media relations and social media leader for EY core C-suite programs. Made in Italy, exported to the UK. Runner; sometimes for sport, more often to catch flights and trains.

Areas of focus Alumni Alumni Purpose
Office London, GB

Raffaella oversees the media relations and social media activities for EY core C-suite programs which include Women. Fast forward, geostrategic business offerings, macroeconomics, EYQ and Alumni.

She is particularly passionate about her work supporting the advancement of gender equality and the importance of purpose and inclusive growth, working across initiatives like W20, World Economic Forum Annual Meetings and Women’s Global Forums. 

Before moving to London, Raffaella supported the corporate communications at EY Italy. Prior to joining EY in 2009, she worked in marketing and communications at other international companies. She holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Bologna and Parma, Italy.

How Raffaella is building a better working world

Being passionate about gender equality, Raffaella sustains the Women’s World Wide Web (W4) network by supporting projects aimed to give to young girls in rural areas access to online education and computer training.

In addition, she supports a breast cancer research center to prevent and cure breast cancer by advancing scientific research.

Raffaella is keen to work with and bring together people from diverse backgrounds, who have different competencies from her. She believes that by nurturing these types of collaborations, we can make sure that things work better for everyone.

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