Photographic portrait of Michelle T. Davies
Sustainability is impacting and driving the direction of stakeholders. Creating alignment with this in an organization’s strategy is fundamental to accessing value through being sustainable.

Michelle T. Davies

EY Global Sustainability Legal Services Leader; Partner, Law, Ernst & Young LLP

Committed to helping organizations achieve sustainability. Love the simple things in life – the countryside, Monmouthshire produce, family and friends. Active in preventing youth homelessness.

Michelle is experienced in energy transition, sustainability, and decarbonized solutions and ESG.

Her clients are organizations seeking decarbonized and sustainable solutions. This includes financial institutions, clean energy and energy transition developers and suppliers, corporates, and governments.

Michelle and her team have advised on many of the sector’s most innovative and complex mandates in the climate and sustainability space, helping clients across all forms of renewable and clean energy (onshore and offshore wind, solar, clean hydrogen, biofuels, biomass and energy from waste). They have also helped clients create and finance large global decarbonized offtake structures and create finance vehicles across private and public capital markets.

Michelle is qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales and as an attorney in New York. She is a Fulbright Scholar and a John Rankin Scholar with a first class LLB from UCL and an LLM from UC Berkeley.  

How Michelle is building a better working world

“Every organization including my own has to achieve sustainability. Not only for itself but for its people, the communities within which it operates, society and the world as a whole. I believe that sustainability links us all. One person’s carbon footprint becomes part of another’s carbon balance sheet.

I help build a better working world by collaborating with organizations holistically and helping them to appreciate the need to understand and align with stakeholders. This is key to achieving sustainability success both within and beyond our clients.” 

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