Valuation, Modeling & Economics

Strategic planning and transactions are critical moments for companies, and we guide you through valuation and business modeling implications to better understand the impact on your business.

What EY Valuation, Modeling & Economics services can do for you

Our valuation, modeling and economics professionals perform high-quality valuations of companies and individual assets that recognize the need for transparent and robust valuations that satisfy corporate, regulatory and accounting requirements. Our experienced professionals also bring excellence in accounting, taxation, and financial and economic due diligence to provide clients with integrated solutions and advanced decision support. We help clients advance their strategic, financial and tax agendas through corporate finance, the use of analytics and economic analyses. We continue to build our existing competencies and aggressively invest in skills that enable our clients to make better decisions involving transactions, funding capital expansion and optimizing operations.

Corporate valuation

Justifying the value of assets and liabilities has grown more complex and critical for most businesses. Our experienced corporate valuation professionals bring excellence in accounting, taxation and financial due diligence, providing integrated solutions that help clients make better quality decisions around value. We help clients advance their strategic, financial and tax agendas through a combination of corporate finance and valuation analyses.

Business modeling

Our Business Modeling professionals provide robust quantitative analysis and insight, while leveraging advanced data science, mathematics and statistical skills, to provide robust, evidenced-based analytics to inform our clients’ strategic and operational decision making around all elements of the capital agenda. Often reporting directly to a company’s most senior executives, we enhance our clients’ understanding of costs, benefits, uncertainties and risks to enable more confident, strategic decisions and judgements around capital allocation. We employ tools and techniques to deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics, including the use of financial modeling solutions.

Building an effective business model, whether it‘s to evaluate a transaction, a new market opportunity or for other strategic purposes, is a complex and difficult task. In addition, clients often place reliance on a business model and require a degree of independent comfort that such business model is free from logical errors. Our Business Modeling professionals also help clients carry out the model review, model support and model-build activities our clients need to make key decisions and improve strategic outcomes.

Economics consulting

Businesses and governments operate in an increasingly uncertain and rapidly changing environment. Our economists and strategy consultants apply economic insights and analyses to real-world business decisions and adopt an outcomes-driven mindset to provide practical, impactful solutions that address your top-of-mind issues.

By combining our deep sector knowledge across key markets with strong technical skills in economics, econometrics and evidence-based analysis, we help clients make better-informed, economically sensible decisions in the following areas.

  • Economic diligence

    Gain clarity on the economic implications of strategic decisions from our in-depth analyses of economic fundamentals and cyclical trends through advanced techniques, such as the development of customized indices and subnational deep dives.

  • Economic foresighting

    Better anticipate and prepare for changes that could materially impact your operations in an increasingly uncertain world with our advanced simulations that assess the implications of macro shocks on supply chains as well as labor and financial markets.

  • Economic impact studies

    Articulate the economic contribution and social impact of your operations to important stakeholders — including regulators, customers and your local community — with our industry-leading economic modeling frameworks.

  • Demand and market forecasting

    Make better strategic decisions with our customized forecasting models that incorporate critical economic factors to forecast the demand trajectory of your products and services in different markets.

  • Labor market analysis

    Understand and navigate the economic implications of potential dislocations in jobs and skills by tapping into advanced modeling techniques built on our strong grasp of labor market and productivity dynamics.

  • Policy impact assessments

    Understand economic trade-offs in policy design using rigorous cost-benefit analysis. We also help companies analyze the economic, financial and operational implications of policy and regulatory changes on their business.

  • Economic and international development

    We work with international development organizations, donors and nonprofits to deliver projects that improve the lives of citizens around the world. Our areas of focus include investment and trade promotion, sustainable urbanization, industry development, and funding strategies to help achieve the largest socioeconomic impact.

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