Family enterprise

Unlocking ambition in family-owned enterprises from one generation to the next.

Family enterprise owners face unique challenges as they balance their ambition to grow with the effort to build the family legacy.

Drawing from more than 100 years of experience supporting the world’s most entrepreneurial families, we have identified the success factors for family enterprise growth — the Growth DNA Model. This model and the EY 7 Drivers of Growth pinpoint the issues and areas of focus that will support family enterprise leaders in achieving their ambitions and building a long-term, intergenerational legacy. 

As trusted advisors to enterprise-owning families around the world, we have the experience, authority and programs such as the EY NextGen Academy to support families to grow from generation to generation.

EY Private Perspectives webcast – Replay available

Watch a panel of experts explore how raising new capital can be used to strengthen family enterprises and which intergenerational aspects come into play as business families transition to the next generation. 

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EY 7 drivers of growth graphic

Unstoppable entrepreneurs are reframing our future

Watch EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ and the inspiring stories and ambitious visions of the Class of 2021. 

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Family Business Characteristics in Slovenia

Family businesses make up the majority of enterprises in Slovenia. EY Slovenia collaborated with the Faculty of Economics, Universtiy of Ljubljana, to discover their characteristics and their role in the Slovenian economy.

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Alpinista na vrhu gore
Alpinista na vrhu gore

Slovenian winners of the EY Award of Excellence

Every year, EY Slovenia crowns one family-owned enterprise with the EY Award of Excellence.

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EY Family Enterprise DNA model

We understand the unique challenges that family enterprise owners face as they balance their ambition to grow with the effort to build the family legacy.

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Family Office

Our family office professionals can help you evaluate best practices of leading family offices to support the family’s vision and legacy.



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