Andre Toh
The perfect balance of quantitative analysis and qualitative exposition is a joy to achieve. That and working with a great team keeps me going.

Andre Toh

EY Asean and Asia-Pacific Valuation, Modeling & Economics Leader

Seasoned transaction advisor and valuation professional.

As a partner with extensive experience in Strategy and Transactions at Ernst & Young Solutions LLP, Andre leads the Valuation, Modeling & Economics teams for Southeast Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific region. He is also the EY Asean Strategy and Transactions market segment leader for Government & Public Sector.

He speaks regularly in forums and conferences on valuations and has written various articles on this topic. He assists clients in their capital agendas when looking at advanced decision modeling, business sustainability and valuations. Additionally, he has appeared as an expert in court as well as in arbitration.

Andre is a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants, Fellow with CPA Australia, and Chartered Valuer and Appraiser with the Institute of Valuers and Appraisers of Singapore.

How Andre is building a better working world

“Capital is a scarce resource, and the better and more efficient use of this resource will support a better working world. I find great satisfaction when the work clearly helps EY clients make better decisions regarding their capital. Decision support modeling and optimization algorithms are just some of the tools that our teams deploy to help clients achieve long-term sustainable growth.”

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