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EY.ai - a unifying platform

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What is your AI ambition?

Build confidence in AI

Leverage robust frameworks and governance that instill confidence and empower responsible transformation.

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Optimize performance, enrich customer and employee experiences, and unlock new sources of sustainable growth.

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Create a future where seamless people-AI collaboration achieves extraordinary outcomes.

    How we can help

    With EY.ai - a unifying platform, you get a partner that understands your business and industry, brings together a holistic ecosystem, and can seamlessly connect AI capabilities to help you drive AI-enabled business transformations.

    Putting people at the center

    Drawing on experience across strategy, transformation, risk, assurance and tax with diverse perspectives and insights, we deliver solutions that put people at the center of transformation.

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    Connecting to a holistic ecosystem

    From technology and business to academic pioneers, we connect into a diverse ecosystem helping ensure we can offer comprehensive AI insights and solutions.

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    Embedding AI at speed and scale

    Through EY Fabric, one of the largest technology platforms globally, we help ensure seamless integration of leading-edge AI capabilities into comprehensive solutions.

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    Featured use cases

    Agile product design

    Opportunity: Retail organizations have a desire to offer a product catalogue that stays at the forefront of consumer preferences and market trends. The traditional process for product development is time-intensive, involving the evaluation of numerous options before commercializing final products.

    Solution: Accelerate the design process using generative AI tool trained on sales and competitive data, customer feedback, and thousands of labeled images of features and designs. Using a series of prompts, AI can augment the designer’s process with suggested hyper-realistic, uniquely-styled designs that are inspired by real-time concepts.

    Outcome: Reduce design cycle time, increase customer satisfaction, and generate cost savings through AI-driven design automation. Additionally, this approach can help achieve market differentiation and speed to market by responding to real-time concepts and generating unique and realistic designs aligned with consumer preferences.



    Fashion designer sketch drawing costume concept

    Augmented knowledge

    Opportunity: Banking employees face challenges in keeping up with frequently changing regulations, understanding complex financial products, ensuring transaction security, and efficiently serving customers amidst increasing cyber threats and diverse financial needs.

    Solution: An AI-enabled knowledge base trained on tailored banking data can support employees to surface accurate information quickly. The AI-enabled knowledge base can offer real-time details on current regulations, intricate product specifications, and up-to-date security protocols.

    Outcome: Ensure regulatory compliance, enhance consistency in product information dissemination, expedite customer service, and fortify security measures, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction, reduced risks, and operational efficiencies.



    Diverse business team having a meeting in a creative workplace

    Accelerated customer resolution

    Opportunity: Telecom companies face a significant increase in customer service contacts and demands across various areas, including both back-end and front-end operations. There is a need for operational transformation to address a rise in information demands, inquiries and complaints from customers.

    Solution: A GenAI-enabled assistant can augment customer service professionals’ performance by providing real-time conversation transcripts. These assistants suggest dynamic actions and utilize AI-driven automations to guide the conversation, accelerating case resolution.

    Outcome: Enhance telecom customer service by ensuring consistent, high-quality responses and reducing case resolution times. Boost customer satisfaction while providing agents with real-time tools and insights for continuous improvement.



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    G7 AI Principles and Code of Conduct (AIP&CoC)

    We’re unpacking the recently released G7 principles and code of conduct, which were crafted to promote the safety and trustworthiness of AI systems and provide guidance to organizations developing and using AI systems.

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    AI Excellence Award

    2023 Machine Learning & Intelligent Agent

    2023 International Business Awards

    Gold Stevie for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

    2022 Global AI Partner of the year

    Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

    Best in Machine Learning Platforms

    The 2022 AI Tech Awards

    EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot

    2023 BI stratus Award in AI category

    Our approach to AI

    AI’s potential to create positive human impact will depend on a responsible, people-centered approach that focuses on creating value for all. 


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    AI principles for EY

    EY is committed to responsible and ethical design, implementation and use of AI systems.


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