Capital and Debt Advisory

As EY Türkiye Capital and Debt Advisory team, we are the leading Capital and Debt Advisor in Türkiye.

Strong contacts in the financial sector

  • Our Capital and Debt Advisory Services team has established strong networks with many financing institutions both in Türkiye and internationally, providing a comfortable and trusting environment for our clients. At the same time, our strong and global networks provide us with quick and easy access to financing institutions in Europe and around the world.

Independent advisors

  • In addition to being independent in providing financing resources, we strive to keep the financing costs of the project at the lowest level by conducting various negotiations with potential national and international financing providers in order to serve our customers under the most favorable conditions.

Objective approach to financing

  • Our independent financing advisory services provide consistent opinions, objective advice and the right financing structure to support the selection of the optimum financing source.

Long-term relationships with customers

  • The long-term good relations we aim to build with our clients are based on trust, ever-increasing project quality and cost-effective financing. The financing structure we customize for each client, the financial models we design and the negotiations with funders make it easier for us to achieve these goals.

1. Finance Raising Services

  • Project Finance Advisory

    We offer comprehensive financial advisory services that aid companies in assessing the most suitable project financing options for greenfield / brownfield project investments. This encompasses the development of financial models and the formation of a financing structure congruent with the nature of the project - be it secured, unsecured, etc. Our services extend to facilitating project financing with either local or international financial institutions through conducting and documenting financial negotiations. We are committed to supporting all processes up until the financial closing to ensure seamless and beneficial outcomes for our clients.
  • Acquisition Financing Advisory

    We provide financial advisory services for the evaluation of the most appropriate acquisition financing options (subordinated loan) for companies to use in their targeted acquisitions, the establishment of a financial model, the establishment of the financing structure that best suits the acquisition transaction, and the negotiations with local or international financial institutions to provide financing and all processes until financial closing.
  • Sustainable (ESG) Finance Advisory

    We offer financial advisory services that assist companies in preparing for sustainable (ESG) financing in accordance with their project requirements, investments, and financial needs. Our services include selecting suitable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), identifying cost-effective sustainable (ESG) finance sources both locally and globally, crafting a financial model and conducting comprehensive financial negotiations with sustainable (ESG) financial institutions. We document these negotiations and guide our clients through every stage up until the finalization of the finance agreements, thereby facilitating a smooth and efficient financial closure.
  • ECA (Export Credit Agencies) Financial Advisory

    We provide financial advisory services for the establishment of a suitable ECA financing structure to be used in the financing of potential overseas machinery, equipment/service purchases within the scope of the investments of companies. Our expert services encompass the design of a financial model, identification of institutions capable of providing ECA financing as well as the conduct and documentation of financial negotiations. We are committed to assisting our clients throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth transition up to the point of financial closure.
  • Stock Financing Advisory

    We provide financial advisory services to producer/supplier companies for specific products, including finding suitable financing alternatives for stock replenishment or stock supply for production purposes, establishing a financial model, identifying potential international financial institutions and international funds, conducting financial negotiations and all processes until financial closure.
  • Refinancing Advisory

    We provide financial advisory services for companies to access new local or international financing sources in order to renew their existing debts with more favorable conditions and to provide additional cash resources (liquidity) to existing shareholders with additional financing to reach optimum indebtedness levels where deemed necessary.
  • Working Capital Finance Advisory

    In order for companies to finance their daily or short-term needs, we provide financial consultancy services for the evaluation of financing options for access to the most appropriate financing sources, the establishment of a financial model, the conduct of financial negotiations and all processes until financial closing.

2. Financial Restructuring Services 

  • Restructuring Advisory

    We specialize in financial restructuring advisory services, catering to companies that are in default or that face hardship in fulfilling their debt obligations. Our key objective is to bolster their financial status by harmonizing their existing debt with their anticipated future cash flows. At the same time, we provide financial advisory services to both 'debtor company' and 'lenders'. These services are focused on creating solutions to help reorganize existing loan terms, establish a financial model and conduct financial negotiations to contribute to the continuity of the company.
  • Independent Financial Analysis Report (IBR - FYY Framework Agreement Report)

    We provide independent financial analysis report services to examine the past financial performance of the company and to understand its current financial performance, to understand the dynamics of the market more closely, to find out where there is a faulty situation, and to determine whether the business model is sustainable.
  • Financial Monitoring Reporting

    We prepare financial monitoring reports in order to monitor the actual financial performance of the company after the financing/financial restructuring, to compare the actual cash flow and loan repayment performance with the projections mutually agreed upon during the financing/financial restructuring process, and to inform the company or the creditor financial institution of possible financial problems that may occur during the loan term before they occur.

3.  Other Financial Advisory Services 

  • Bid Advisory

    We offer financial advisory services to ascertain the optimal bid price to be proposed in local or international tenders for infrastructure, the energy sector, and other fields, under Build Operate Transfer (BOT), Private Public Partnership (PPP), or other regimes. Our services consist of examining the tender documents, establishing a financial model, determining the tender price or duration that will provide maximum return on capital according to the current market conditions, creating a bankable financial structure, ensuring the coordination of the relevant parties and preparing and submitting the financial proposal.
  • Liquidity Analysis Reporting

    We prepare a liquidity analysis report to analyze the cash resource (liquidity) position of companies, research company and sector profile, examine the past performance of the company, analyze the capital structure of the company, run different stress scenarios with forward-looking projections, compare the results and create the ideal cash resource (liquidity) strategy.
  • Capital Management Advisory

    We offer financial advisory services to examine the company's current capital structure, credit risk profile and capital costs, as well as different stress tests to support forward-looking decision-making processes, in order for the company to reach the most appropriate capital structure.
  • Debt Option Report

    In order to optimize the capital structure, we prepare a Debt Option Report, which includes research on potential financing alternatives that the company can access in both local and international financial markets.

4.  Operational Restructuring Services 

  • Operational Restructuring Advisory

    We provide operational restructuring services to optimize companies' operational efficiency and improve their performance. Our aim is to help companies develop their operational strategies, balance performance and liquidity, create an action plan and implement the necessary actions by conducting financial analysis.

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