Connected Capital Technologies: M&A technology solutions

Our AI-enabled M&A technology solutions provide actionable insights and facilitate better decision-making throughout the entire transaction lifecycle.

AI has emerged as a driving force in M&A strategy and execution, enabling industry players to transform their end-to-end transaction strategies – from deal sourcing to due diligence to post-merger integration. The EY AI-powered suite of Edge platforms is evolving and helps you re-think time-consuming traditional deal processes.

  • EY Strategy Edge: business intelligence platform

    This platform analyzes vast amounts of data from financial statements, market trends, internal and external structured and unstructured data sources. It uses AI to swiftly uncover insights that might have gone unnoticed and to help narrow down potential targets. EY Strategy Edge offers a number of use cases:

    • Helps investors rapidly scan the market for strategic targets in real-time
    • Utilizes AI to identify start-up disruption within industry ecosystems
    • Maps competitor investment flows and monitors distressed asset opportunities

    Find out more about EY Strategy Edge.

  • EY Diligence Edge: M&A diligence platform

    Embedded AI-trained tools provide deeper diligence insights more rapidly for our practitioners and EY clients in such areas as data extraction from legal contracts and interrogation of analytics.

    • Utilizes automation and AI to surface insights and improve M&A diligence processes
    • Brings together diverse data sources – from financial data direct from ERP platforms to social media analytics — enabling M&A practitioners to take a big-picture view of the due diligence deal process
  • EY Capital Edge: M&A transaction platform

    Drawing upon more than 30 apps and providing access to the latest and most powerful EY tools and methods, EY Capital Edge helps client and third-party teams to create efficiencies and deliver effective outcomes across all aspects of the transaction lifecycle, including critical post-merger integration projects.

    • Supports buyers or sellers to develop scenario modeling, forecasting, financial and commercial planning
    • Supports project management, advanced analytics and data accelerators with real-time global collaboration in a live deal or post-deal scenario
  • Advanced analytics

    EY tech-enabled Strategy and Transactions advanced analytics teams help turn information into connected intelligent insights (using AI), empowering you to make better informed decisions.

    Businesses are faced with complex challenges and significant opportunities in today’s data-saturated world. EY advisors harness the power of Advanced Analytics to provide intelligent data-driven insights at optimized speed to help clients prepare for a better tomorrow.

    From corporate strategy to capital allocation to M&A, EY Strategy and Transactions advanced analytics teams underpin and inform planning through to execution to help create bespoke, sector-driven value for EY clients. This helps clients find better answers to some of their toughest questions — and sometimes uncovers questions they didn’t know they needed to ask themselves.

    Find out more about Advanced analytics.

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