Emilie Sydney-Smith

Strategist, communicator, technologist and futurist

Emillie Sydney-Smith

Over the course of last two decades, Emilie Sydney-Smith has helped large organizations around the world to adopt the same methods that have propelled the fastest-growing companies into exponential growth. She spent a decade in private equity, evaluating around 100 potential investments per annum, recognizing patterns that could drive growth. One of her many achievements include building an energy startup to a US$300 million valuation over 30 months. So far, Emilie has helped clients including TD Ameritrade, DFW Airport, Visa and HP to survive and thrive in the era of accelerating change. She is also the founding CEO of an organization dedicated to adapting space program technologies for use in global energy applications. 

Emilie will facilitate the summit alongside Pascal Finette.


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