Photographic portrait of Sagar Khandelwal
It is vital for insurers to transform through reimagining the use of technology to build faster, more effective next generation customer experiences.

Sagar Khandelwal

Partner, Financial Services Technology Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Technology professional. Team capability builder. Amateur chef.

In his role as a director in the technology consulting team at Ernst & Young LLP, Sagar is responsible for leading complex technology transformation projects for large insurance clients.

He has experience across blockchain, IoT, cloud and technology transformation.

Sagar began his career at a large financial services institution and spent three years as the interim Chief Information Officer at Insurwave.

Sagar holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering.

How Sagar is building a better working world

Sagar is passionate about supporting insurers to embrace the latest technology so they can thrive in a competitive digital landscape. He does this through close collaboration with insurers and wider partner ecosystems, e.g., InsurTechs, so insurers can build stronger, more competitive businesses that offer the best experience possible to their customers.

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