Transformation and growth

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Transforming banks through people, technology and innovation.

Technology, innovation, and workforce transformation are reshaping the banking industry. These forces are driving dramatic change, and banking leaders must decide if they will be pioneers, follow fast, or be left behind.

To reimagine a brighter future and seize opportunities to drive growth, banks should focus on transforming their workforce and operations. With a clear sense of the path ahead, banks can reframe their future by placing people at the center of their organization, leveraging new technologies to support them, and enabling innovation at speed and scale. Banking leaders will need exceptional agility to manage change. Success will arise from a balanced execution of strategic near-term initiatives with investment in people alongside transformation and growth strategies that deliver long-term value.


Banking in the new decade


Our Global banking outlook 2021 focuses on three core pillars that can help banks turn today’s disruption into tomorrow’s transformation.


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