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Your research tool for IFRS, US GAAP and more

Available to EY clients and friends worldwide, GAAIT is your source for accounting and auditing standards and EY interpretive guidance.

  • Subscriptions also include complementary access to the online version of EY’s International GAAP® Disclosure Checklist, for use in preparing financial statements under IFRS, US GAAP, and Canadian GAAP.

Subscription options

International GAAP

International GAAP® 2016, written by financial reporting professionals from the International Financial Reporting Group of EY, provides a global perspective on the real-world interpretation and practical application of IFRS. Complex technical accounting issues are explained in jargon-free terms. IFRS is set in a practical context with numerous worked examples and hundreds of illustrations from the published financial reports of major listed companies from around the world.

Your subscription will include:

  • International GAAP® 2016
  • Complete set of IFRS (standards, exposure drafts and interpretations)
  • Good Group (International) Limited illustrative financial statements
  • International GAAP® Disclosure Checklist (online and desktop software)
  • Archive of other EY publications available at

International GAAP® is also available in hard copy (


The principal reference source for US accounting and reporting, this channel includes the authoritative literature from the SEC, FASB, EITF and AICPA, as well as extensive interpretive guidance from EY. The channel also includes a growing body of guidance on US-IFRS conversion.

Your subscription will include:

  • EY Accounting Manual, SEC Manual, Employee Benefits Plan Manual
  • FASB Accounting Standards Codification
  • SEC Rules and Regulations
  • EITF, AICPA, PCAOB materials
  • Disclosure checklist (online)


An indispensable research tool for keeping current on the standards set by the CICA, IASB, IFAC, and Canadian securities regulators. This subscription includes the Canadian and IFRS standards, as well as extensive EY interpretive guidance.

Your subscription will include:

  • EY interpretive guidance
  • CICA standards and guidance
  • Canadian Securities Reporter
  • International accounting standards (IFRS) and auditing standards
  • Canadian GAAP disclosure checklist (online)


GAAIT’s Netherlands subscription includes essential interpretive guidance on Dutch GAAP (Richtlignen voor de Jaarverslaggeving) to assist entities that are required to report under Dutch accounting legislation and regulations.

Your subscription will include:

  • EY Netherlands Accounting Handbook
  • Dutch / IFRS comparison
  • Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility series


La Normativa de Contabilidad y Auditoría Chilena y Análisis de E&Y, IFRS Handbook 2009 incluye un análisis comprehensivo de NIIF por nuestro IFRS Handbook 2009, todas las normas emitidas por el IASB y también por el Colegio de Contadores de Chile. Este canal también incluye todos los emisiones por las superintendencias chilenas: de la SVS, SBIF y SSalud.

The entire Chile channel in GAAIT is in Spanish. It includes a comprehensive analysis and insight into IFRS through our IFRS Handbook 2009, all of the IFRS standards issued by the IASB as well as by the Colegio de Contadores de Chile. This channel also includes all the issuances by the local superintendencies: the SVS, SBIF, SAFP and SSalud.

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