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Working across EY Tax, Law, and People Advisory Services, you’ll collaborate with clients to make better decisions through insights into government policy, regulatory obligations and operations.

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I learn something new each day. At EY, we’re constantly thinking of ways to digitize and transform businesses in innovative ways to bring new value to our clients.

Kate Barton

EY Global Vice Chair – Tax


Bring your depth of knowledge and help businesses scale new heights

Tax has now become a more strategic function for businesses and that means the role of the tax professional has never been more important – or more rewarding – especially in today’s disruptive environment.

EY people equip clients to make better business decisions by bringing insights to the forefront, helping them build resilience for the future. This involves not only helping clients understand the tax policies and tax laws of governments around the world but also leveraging technology to help clients transform their tax functions and operations to meet regulatory obligations, improve workforce management, reduce risk and drive sustainable value.

An exceptional career in Tax. It's yours to build.

At EY, your career in Tax is truly yours to build. We provide the scale, the technology, the teams, the challenges, the learning and the relationships for you to personalize and evolve your career. 

Become the transformative leader the world needs.  You can harness technology and scale to continuously innovate and learn. What’s more, EY Tax offers leadership in all tax disciplines, including tax planning, tax accounting, tax compliance, tax policy and controversy, tax function operations, law, and people and workforce.

Personalize your career like you do your playlists. The flexible EY approach to career development means you can choose to specialize and build your career in any industry or move between industries and work across tax teams.

Build the skills and experiences that can take you anywhere. You could work on an acquisition of one company by another; apply technology to improve processes and save time on tax return preparation; develop new services to target tax opportunities; transform the human resource organization; or help a company restructure its operations to make the most of tax reforms. Whatever you do in tax, you’ll help add value, drive decision-making and reduce risk.

    Data analytics will change the role of tax from being a historian, as it often is today, to a strategic business partner.

    Daren R. Campbell

    Ernst & Young LLP US Tax Technology and Transformation Partner

    Multicultural thinking, teaming and working are at the heart of our shared success. You’ll work closely with colleagues across borders, using EY tools and networks to solve complex business and tax problems. By combining the power of EY Tax experience with innovative technology, you can help us transform the tax function of the future.

    The multi-sector relevance of all of our tax services enriches our client conversations, keeping our organization relevant and credible where it counts the most.

    Susan Pitter

    EY Global Deputy Vice Chair - Tax and EY Global Tax Sector Leader


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    EY Young Tax Professional of the Year

    EY Young Tax Professional of the Year is an international competition designed to reward and foster the next generation of tax leaders.

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