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Managed Services can give organizations the capabilities, flexibility and freedom to achieve ongoing, sustainable value.

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It's your world, running on ours, better.

Managed services builds a platform for long-term, sustainable growth. It’s driven by industry insights, enabled by data and technology and it’s focused on tangible outcomes that enable transformation.

Operating challenges are more acute than ever

Technology is accelerating, making it difficult to update, maintain and integrate. The talent to manage complex business areas is scarce, and expensive to recruit and retain. The regulatory bar is getting higher, more complex and digitally driven.

EY Managed Services provides better outcomes
  • Enhanced cost certainty - Reduced operating costs and improved return on investment to free up capital to focus on growth and innovation
  • Stronger compliance - A single global standard and dynamic customer risk profile
  • Increased control - Global standards and monitoring that improve oversight, allowing management to focus on the core business
  • Greater consistency - A global execution model and shared delivery approach that reduces the risk of anomalies; building better reliability and stability
  • Deeper understanding of customers - More practical and applicable insight to build experience and fuel growth
  • Readiness for change - The agility, flexibility and resilience to respond quickly and efficiently to shifting conditions, regulation and customer demands
  • Better connectivity - Advanced technology and data operations helps create a whole-of-business approach, supporting operations to be more useful, efficient, economical and agile
  • Empowering and enabling a culture for success - Supporting and helping to lead operational transformation from within
  • What are Managed Services?

    In a Managed Services arrangement, a third party takes on the operation of one or more of an organization’s non-core but board-critical functions, including finance, tax, risk and compliance. Unlike traditional outsourcing fixated on short-term cost reduction, Managed Services gives organizations a new way of operating, to better navigate more complex conditions and build a platform for long-term value creation. Leading Managed Services providers bring deep domain expertise and specialist talent across critical functions, enabled by advanced technology and proven processes, to collaborate with internal teams and integrate with existing technology to elevate performance. By delivering better outcomes for business functions, Managed Services can give organizations the capabilities, flexibility and freedom to achieve ongoing, sustainable value.

How Managed Services works for you

The right managed services partner brings deep domain experience across key functions, particularly finance, tax, risk and compliance, and experience across multiple geographies and jurisdictions.

The right partner is guided by a relentless focus on value and delivering tangible results, at the same time pushing to innovate and constantly improve operating performance.

Managed services is how organizations build an adaptive, future-ready organization, positioned to make the most of opportunities.

A connected experience built upon a common, data-driven platform makes it easy to add or expand solutions as business needs change. 

A trusted partner for the future

The key to all this is trust. The EY Managed Services relationship is a trusted, collaborative and flexible approach. Together we work toward a shared vision of providing measurable benefits through seamless integration with your technology and processes.

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