Photographic portrait of Jason Hyman

Jason Hyman

EY Global Private Assurance Business Insights Operations Leader; EY Global World Entrepreneur of the Year (WEOY) Financial Analyst

Over eight years experience serving private clients in multiple locations. Brings innovation and entrepreneurial spirit to the private assurance landscape. Passionate soccer player. Nature lover.

In his current leadership role, Jason drives innovation across EY Private client servicing professionals by integrating and enabling whitespace incubation. He strives to foster an entrepreneurial mindset among his team members.

Jason plays a key role in the review of the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Award™ (WEOY) submission packages, working alongside the judging panel.

With Jason’s unique work experience, he is a trusted business advisor for the many career paths one can pursue at EY. He is also passionate about mentoring other like-minded professionals on their personal career paths in their journey to becoming advisors to the ambitious.™

He holds a BS in Accounting and Finance from the University of Delaware.

How Jason is building a better working world

Jason empowers his team to build a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation across the EY organization and in every client interaction. With a firm belief in treating every professional within a corporation as an entrepreneur, Jason strives to harness the power of diverse thoughts, to transform the future state of the business.

He also helps companies understand the significance of an entrepreurial mindset, while on the path to creating long-term value and fostering innovation.

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