Luca Russignan
Driven by robotic process automation, AI, blockchain and IoT, personalization and simplification will be key for the future of digital insurance.

Luca Russignan

EY Global Insurance Knowledge Leader

Experienced insurance professional focused on long-term trends in the life and non-life insurance sectors. Passionate proponent of new technologies. Listener. Traveler.

An insurance strategy professional with extensive experience in analyzing sector trends, identifying business needs and developing key initiatives, Luca is EY Global Insurance Knowledge Leader.

In addition to leading the global insurance analyst team, he leads the knowledge agenda for the insurance sector overall. Prior to joining EY, he held various strategy and risk positions at a multinational life insurance and financial services company. He has experience in complex global organizations and life and non-life insurance across the UK, US, Italy and Asia-Pacific.

Luca has authored several articles on the implications of new technologies for the insurance sector. He obtained an MBA with distinction from Hult International Business School and an undergraduate degree in International Economics from University of Trieste.

How Luca is building a better working world

“In my role, I focus on two areas. First, I develop - analysis that help leaders to understand how future trends – particularly technology and macroeconomics – are likely to shape the insurance sector. Second, I evaluate how to distribute these analysis, as well as other intellectual property and knowledge created at EY, to help improve efficiency and decision making processes.

Given the essential societal need that insurance fulfills, I feel energized to propose differentiated viewpoints on the future of the sector and explore what role insurers will play in a world of sector convergence where ecosystems will be front and center.”

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