Photographic portrait of Rajat Kapur
With blockchain, you can create an ecosystem of stakeholders where everybody can operate with full trust and transparency, with confidentiality handled among themselves.

Rajat Kapur

EY Blockchain Sales Leader

Leader of blockchain sales. Help clients build enterprise-scale blockchain application solutions that address complex business problems.

Rajat is the EY Blockchain Sales Leader and the lead point of contact for blockchain work that our organization does with Microsoft as an alliance partner.

He is responsible for helping organizations understand blockchain, the various EY blockchain platforms and potential use cases within their organizations. This includes helping clients build enterprise-scale blockchain application solutions and identifying specific use case scenarios that address complex business problems.

Before handling blockchain-led transformations, Rajat had experience in managing large finance transformations, finance and accounting process diagnoses, and implementation of shared services solutions.

Rajat has been with the EY organization for almost 15 years. Before that, he worked with other Big Four companies and worked at a global conglomerate.

He is trained in agile software development as a product manager, he is a Charted Accountant and Cost and Management Accountant who studied Tax, Accounting and Finance at Delhi University.

How is Rajat building a better working world

“Trust enables organizations to create value and capital markets to function properly, and blockchain is a crucial enabler of that. We have a variety of crucial offerings that address contract management, smart contracts and royalty payouts. A centralized function with full transparency is a boon for companies and helps position them to grow intelligently.”

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