Electrification in mobility is gathering pace, demanding the reinvention of strategies, operating models and supply chains.

Government policy, shareholder activism and consumer demand, fueled by the climate crisis, are accelerating the shift from mobility to eMobility – driving forward one of the most radical transformations since the introduction of the internal combustion engine.

As infrastructure is electrified and supply chains are reimagined, the challenges are too big for one sector to solve alone. Only through collaboration can organizations thrive in the emerging eMobility ecosystem, win customers, and drive returns while advancing sustainability in transport.

We believe that organizations must define their role in the emerging eMobility ecosystem, maintain a total focus on the customer experience and partner intelligently across the value chain to access greater opportunities for growth.

EY teams can help you see the potential in eMobility and reframe your future in the new ecosystem by:

  • Defining your role, identifying the most attractive value pools and developing the right business models to maximize return on investment.
  • Identifying and developing strategically effective cross-sector partnerships to deliver additional growth, while managing risk.
  • Leveraging our bespoke suite of technology services to drive digital transformation, implement operational efficiencies and provide improved profitability.

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