Photographic portrait of Sophie Bowler

Sophie Bowler

Ernst & Young LLP UK FSO Consulting Financial Crime and Forensics Senior Manager

Committed to strengthening the integrity of the financial system. Expert in preventing criminals from laundering the proceeds of crime.

Sophie is a senior manager at Ernst & Young LLP, United Kingdom in the Financial Crime and Forensics team focusing on Anti-Money Laundering (AML). She joined EY in February 2016 and is based in London.

Prior to EY, Sophie was the Deputy Money Laundering Reporting Officer of a global consultancy network and worked in the European Parliament as one of the lead advisors on the 4th AML Directive, where she played a part in the end-to-end legislative process.

During her time at EY, Sophie has advised clients on how to comply with the regulatory requirements around AML/CTF and sanctions. She has led large teams of people conducting assessments of AML and sanctions controls for global banks, including as part of skilled person reviews appointed by the UK regulator. She has also assisted firms in conducting money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions risk assessments, drafted policies and procedures, and led teams conducting large-scale KYC remediations.

How Sophie is building a better working world

“I am working with my colleagues in the financial crime and forensics team to support firms in developing and implementing financial crime controls in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner which help prevent them from being used to launder criminal proceeds and finance terrorism. They also enable them to identify when these crimes, including fraud and corruption, may be occurring. As a result of this,  EY and I can play a role in protecting the integrity of the financial system, and reducing the impact of crime on society.

My role as one of the financial crime regulatory leads in the team means I cultivate and maintain a diverse professional network which includes industry bodies, regulators and government to maintain a strong and up-to-date knowledge of regulatory requirements, expectations, and industry best-practice. This crucially augments my support to firms in developing robust controls meeting international standards.”

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