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Image made with AI technology, featuring EY people worldwide.


AI & Careers

The exceptional EY experience, augmented and empowered by AI. It’s yours to build.

Explore Careers at EY
Explore careers at EY

AI & Careers

The exceptional EY experience, augmented and empowered by AI. It’s yours to build.

Explore Careers at EY

The AI-empowered career experience at EY

At EY, we see a future where seamless collaboration between people and AI achieves extraordinary outcomes. This includes empowering EY people to build their own exceptional career experiences augmented by AI.

AI-augmented roles

We're using AI to partially automate services, so EY professionals can think more critically and creatively, as they strive to build a better working world.

Diverse careers

We’re creating a dynamic, proactive, AI-powered experience for EY people that recommends opportunities to enhance their careers as they build their skills and certifications. They can explore flexible career options that best align with their interests and unique ambitions.

Enhanced productivity

EYQ – The EY organization’s secure, internal generative AI (GenAI) tool – is radically reducing the time it takes to seek relevant information, experiences and insights, so we can address clients' most pressing issues.

Realizing potential through AI

We’re investing in learning strategies that meet people where they are. EY learning elevates and expands AI skills through bespoke development courses including Responsible AI, Applied AI and AI Engineering.

Our AI learning has seen record adoption. The EY learning module, AI Now, has seen nearly 200,000 completions. For deeper learning, our EY Tech MBA and EY Masters in Business Analytics by Hult provide free opportunities for EY people to earn industry-recognized credentials and critical skillsets.

EY people are also supported by leading AI tools, including EY.ai EYQ, a secure large language model (LLM) with GenAI capabilities to support a wide range of uses, from a conversational AI assistant to product development.

Featured AI badge learning curriculum

Master responsible AI

Learn to navigate AI risks, ethics, reliability, equity and governance. Participants will also be immersed in assessing compliance with AI ethics and fairness.

Dive into AI engineering

Acquire technical abilities to build and implement diverse AI solutions. The core technologies and methods for building AI solutions, these learning opportunities cover generative AI as well as non-generative AI engineering. 

Embrace applied AI

Explore foundational concepts of AI and its use for effective problem solving in business environments. This learning covers topics such as generative AI, and related processes such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition, search and optimization.

By completing an EY Badge, I gained valuable, technical AI insights I can take to clients – but also a deeper understanding of the ethical implications of building responsible, trustworthy and safe AI in the workplace.
Daniele Colombo
Director, People Consulting, EY LLP UK London
The EY Badges content expanded my horizons by offering the latest advancements and trends in AI. The learning has made me a more adaptable and forward-thinking professional.
Yi Li
Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young U.S. LLP

The AI moment is now, but are businesses ready?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to introducing AI technology enterprise wide, EY teams have learned a lot from advancing AI capabilities across the 150 countries in which the organization operates.
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Advancing DE&I through AI


At EY, we utilize AI responsibly to boost equity and help create inclusive experiences. As we rely more on AI to complement human potential, it’s important that we use AI ethically and responsibly, using leading practices. By including diverse perspectives, addressing inequities and teaming across differences, we’re working to help deliver on more personalized, equitable and inclusive career experiences.

Learn how together, AI and DE&I can accelerate positive impact

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Tech Careers at EY

Build an exceptional career in tech while helping to build a better working world.

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