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IPOs continue to grow in mainland China and Hong Kong despite the outbreak of COVID-19

BEIJING, 23 JUNE 2020. EY today releases the report IPOs continue to grow in mainland China and Hong Kong despite the outbreak of COVID-19, which concluded 1H2020 IPO activities in the world and Greater China and highlighted the outlook in 2H2020.

23 Jun 2020 Beijing

Strengthening resilience to pursue sustainable development amid volatile operating performance — EY releases Listed banks in China: 2019 review and outlook

BEIJING, 20 MAY 2020. According to the EY report, Listed banks in China: 2019 review and outlook, China’s listed banks collectively realized a net profit of RMB1,748.36 billion in 2019, up 7.32% from 2018.

20 May 2020 Beijing

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Chinese companies remain confident in long-term opportunities post-COVID-19, driving investments in business transformation and M&A

SHANGHAI, 18 MAY 2020. EY releases the COVID-19 special edition of the 22nd Global Capital Confidence Barometer report.

18 May 2020

Overview of China outbound investment in Q1 2020

BEIJING, 29 APRIL 2020. EY releases the Overview of China Outbound Investment in Q1 2020. China outbound investment continued to decline due to the continuous impact of COVID-19.

29 Apr 2020

Global capital market fluctuates under COVID-19 in Q1 2020 while A-share IPOs top in deal numbers and proceeds

SHANGHAI, 26 MARCH 2020. A series of measures introduced to stabilize capital markets would help maintain steady progress in A-share IPO activities for the rest of 2020.

26 Mar 2020

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How is EY preparing for the next wave of transformation?

As Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO begins his first year in his new role, he shares some of the best stories from the EY FY19 global revenues. These stories are a snapshot of how the EY purpose of building a better working world has helped the organization achieve combined global revenues of US$36.4b for FY19; representing 8% growth on FY18.



Outlook for the global economy

Our Global Chairman and CEO, Mark Weinberger looks at the trends impacting growth in 2018 and the future of the global economy amid increasing uncertainty.



Bringing new technologies to clients

Investments in key technologies such as blockchain are bringing innovative new solutions to clients.



Addressing audit quality

Our quality enablement programs and investments in digital audit capabilities are focused on providing high levels of audit quality worldwide.



Mark Weinberger: 2018 marks eight consecutive years of strong growth

Our Global Chairman and CEO discusses FY18 growth across the organization and how EY is redefining traditional and new services through technology.



Rubens Menin of Brazil named EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018

The Chairman of MRV Engenharia, Latin America’s largest real estate developer, is the first EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year winner from South America.



Interview with Rubens Menin of MRV Engenharia

Under Rubens’ leadership, his building company has delivered more than 320,000 houses and apartments in Brazil through 2017, enabling over one million people to realize their home ownership dream