Buy and integrate

We help enable strategic growth through better integrated and operationalized mergers and acquisitions, JVs and alliances. In particular, we help companies refine their growth strategy, perform deal sourcing, conduct diligence and valuation, and implement M&A integration.

What EY can do for you

Our clients enjoy the personalized attention of a full-service organization with access to broad intellectual capital, extensive relationships and leading‑class solutions to drive their growth strategies and fit their buy-side M&A needs. 

We are one of the only major professional consulting organizations that offers fully dedicated multidisciplinary M&A advisory capabilities. From strategy to execution, our services are underpinned by extensive financial, tax, commercial and operational experience.

Our M&A technology leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics and process automation, and data analysis and visualization. When combined with human insights, sector experience and functional knowledge, this helps deliver better decision-making and accelerated results.

We understand that every type of deal is different, requiring bespoke integration approaches, priorities and operating models. Our teams can help you understand what business to buy, how to value it and how to integrate it into your company.

  • Growth strategy

    Helping you find the path to grow your business:

    • Corporate and business unit strategy
    • Portfolio strategy
    • New market growth opportunities
    • Strategic business model evaluation
    • Full Potential Paradigm™
  • M&A deal sourcing and origination

    • Identify and assess strategic fit of an acquisition target, JV or alliance partner
    • Offer guidance to help access debt and equity capital
    • Provide independent perspective on deal terms
  • M&A diligence and valuation

    We conduct diligence in the following areas to enable you to choose the right target at the right price.

    • Commercial
    • Financial risk
    • Human resources
    • IT
    • Operations and synergies
    • Regulatory
    • Cyber
    • Valuation
    • Transaction tax
    • Fairness opinions
  • M&A integration

    We use a structured approach to help you integrate a target successfully and maximize deal value.

    • Integration management office (IMO)
    • Value creation and synergy identification
    • Day One readiness
    • Business processes and functional integration
    • Change management and communications
    • Sales and marketing effectiveness


  • Connected Capital Technologies

    M&A tools to help deliver better decision-making and accelerated results.

    • Strategy diagnostics
    • Big data, ecosystem mapping, and analytics
    • Artificial-intelligence-powered data capture and interrogation
    • Financial and operational diagnostics
    • Collaboration portals

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