Mergers and acquisitions integration services

We have the right people, tools, and experience to help you integrate a target successfully and maximize M&A deal value. Our M&A integration professionals can help with standing up the integration management office, synergy identification, operating model design, change management, and functional integration.

What EY M&A integration services can do for you

EY integration services and key questions we help you answer:

  • Integration management office (IMO)

    • How do we prioritize, sequence and govern cross-functional activities?
    • How can we use the IMO to drive the integration, including operating models, organization design, synergies and (where applicable) transaction service agreement management?
    • How should we develop an integration plan based on your specific goals?
  • Value creation and synergy identification

    • What is the timeline for capturing value?
    • Is a clean team needed to accelerate value capture?
  • Operating model and Day One readiness

    • How will our business run when merged with another company?
    • What is our target-state operating model that will guide integration planning?
    • How will we identify, assess and track critical Day One tasks early on to confirm a smooth transition?
  • Business processes and functional integration (finance, information technology, human resources and supply chain)

    • How do you govern activities and identify milestones within separate yet interdependent business functions?
    • How do you achieve a seamless and efficient transition to a target operating model?
  • Change management and communications

    • How can we avoid a culture clash during a merger?
    • Which key executives and members of management must be retained?
    • How can we align leaders and employees to create a seamless onboarding experience and impactful communications?
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness

    • Are our salesforce incentives aligned with our strategy and customer needs?
    • Are we getting the desired return on investment for our sales and marketing spend, and do we have the right balance by channel?
    • How well do we understand customer priorities, and what are we doing to address them?
    • Is our pricing strategy delivering sustained profitability?

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