Case Study
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Case Study

How a government agency is preparing for the post-COVID-19 world

EY is helping a government agency in Asia-Pacific determine how to reopen businesses in a safe way using a framework to assess cleanliness. 

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How to lay a foundation for “next” when the future is up in the air?

EY teams are working with government agencies to plan for safe ways to open businesses and communities.

One specific country in the Asia-Pacific region knew it needed to find a way to keep people safe as stores and public spaces start to reopen.

One of their government agencies engaged EY professionals to help launch a nationwide effort to connect with businesses across the country to design new systems that will uphold new cleanliness and social distancing practices.

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We’re helping assess what’s safe in a new normal

Designing systems that keep people safe in public spaces.

The aim of the project is to rally the public and various sectors to commit to upholding good sanitization and hygiene practices. EY teams are helping the government agency involved to implement a framework to assess cleanliness and social distancing practices in stores and public spaces. EY professionals are also engaging these establishments to help them understand new guidelines. The new framework will serve as a “seal of approval” that businesses will receive in order to restore customer trust in these environments.

The aim of this project is to renew public confidence, while keeping consumers and citizens safe.

EY professionals are working with shopping malls and plazas, as well as retail, food and beverage establishments around the entire country to provide assessments. Once the nature of the business has been assessed, the establishment can be advised how to update their working systems to comply with the needs of COVID-19. 

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The better the world works

Reimagining public spaces for life after COVID-19

Creating a vision to restore confidence for a post-COVID-19 world.

COVID-19 is profoundly changing the way the world does business. As businesses reopen and more people return to work outside of their homes, we need to anticipate the need for new standards of cleanliness. The project EY teams are conducting with this government agency will help establishments transform and sustain high levels of hygiene standards for similar situations in the future, and in doing so bolster public confidence in local businesses. These actions aim to help restore this country’s economy to full strength and put local businesses back in action.

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