Photographic portrait of Alessio Romeo
The brain is a modern company where different departments are decision-makers. The CEO, the consciousness, does not always control the whole. Knowing this allows us to determine people's behavior.

Alessio Romeo

Director, EY wavespace™ Rome, Ernst & Young Business School S.r.l.

Innovative, even serial start-upper, digital entrepreneur with consolidated experience in international industrial contexts. Strategic roles as CEO, COO and fundraiser. Passion for family and sport.

in EY, Alessio helps accelerate digital innovation leveraging his previous experience as a serial entrepreneur. He uses a wide range of emerging technologies with a strong and distinctive contribution to Neuroscience applications to build a great experience journey for clients visiting the center. He starts collaborating with several universities, and public and private entities to launch different master programs on the most relevant topics of today’s digital world.

In the last 5 years, Alessio covered strategic roles as CEO, COO and fundraiser, funding several start-ups: digital platforms mainly in the Human Resources context with innovative functionalities about job-matching, video-job-interview and big-data management.

At 23, Alessio graduated in Engineering cum laude. He immediately had the chance to undertake experiences that have exponentially accelerated his training path and allowed him to travel the world as commercial and financial executive management support.

Then, 10 years ago, he became the COO – Executive Director in Italy of the Research and Development headquarter of an important American Indian hi-tech start-up. He worked alongside a well-known entrepreneur and they made a successful center out of it. This was Alessio’s most extraordinary experience to date.

How Alessio is building a better working world

“Building a better working world for me means bringing my multidisciplinary experience to the field and transferring it to the young talents I work with so that they can always recognize a concrete opportunity in the future with an always constructive and proactive approach (If luck doesn't knock then you have to build the door!).

Outside EY, I personally write for different rubrics on national media channels, newspapers and radio, on the themes of work, opportunities, trends and future vision including career tips. I also work with several university business schools and I contribute to a famous business newspaper.”

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