Alex Zhu, EY Greater China Power & Utilities Market Segment Leader
Optimize investment and operating models to make infrastructure projects affordable and sustainable. Balance economic growth and social benefits.

Alex Zhu

EY Greater China Power & Utilities Market Segment Leader

Extensive experience in infrastructure advisory services. M&A advisory veteran. Seasoned in capital operation.

Alex has more than 20 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services with expertise in advising clients on valuation and financial modeling.

He has been dedicated to enhancing EY infrastructure advisory services in Greater China, putting a strong focus on Belt and Road Initiative infrastructure projects and public-private partnership.

As a valuation veteran, Alex has profound understanding of valuation methodology and practices widely accepted in China and around the world. He played a critical role in cross-border investment of many foreign companies and their Chinese counterparts. 

How Alex is building a better working world

Infrastructure projects of power, energy and utilities are of great significance to the national economy and social development. As the pioneer of EY infrastructure advisory services, Alex has been committed to increasing economic and social benefits of infrastructure projects by providing services such as feasibility analysis, financial modeling, business modeling and risk control.

He has also been contributing to China’s overseas infrastructure projects, helping Chinese companies understand foreign markets and potential risks, facilitating public-private partnership, and advising on project operation and return on investment analysis.

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