Photographic portrait of Denis Cheng
China’s consumer industry is already ahead of the world in digitalization and technology adoption. New trends and innovative sales channel are mainly driven by the rapidly evolving consumer’s needs and their behavior in China.

Denis Cheng

EY Greater China Consumer Sector Leader

Veteran in China consumer product and retail sector.

Denis has been working for more than 20 years in EY, serving in Los Angeles, Toronto and Hong Kong SAR; currently in Beijing China Assurance Group.

Denis leads various teams that advise clients on initial public offerings, secondary offerings and periodic reporting requirements. He also assists clients with regulatory and exchange-related reviews and inquiries during the listing process.

Denis is specialized in industries of consumer products and retail, life sciences and real estate.

How Denis is building a better working world

China is embracing the age of new retailing with a fast growing middle class. Above all, these consumers will be tech-savvy and experience-driven. They will also have high expectations on business agility and product personalization. As the leader of the EY Greater China CPR sector, Denis has committed to helping businesses at home and around the world to understand the market, identify growth opportunities, and manage risks.

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