Photographic portrait of Jeff Stier
I imagine a world where people value each other’s unique strengths and collaborate shoulder-to-shoulder to enable each other’s success in the shared belief that together is better.

Jeff Stier

EY Americas Strategic Purpose Vision Realized Leader; EY Americas PAS Sustainability & ESG Leader

Vision-led and purpose-driven leader. Accelerator of innovation.

Areas of focus Consulting Purpose Workforce
Office New York, US

Jeff leads the EY Purpose & Vision Realized (PVR) practice in Americas.

He is a consultant in EY’s global initiative to develop and operate a purposeful brand promise: building a better working world. 

He is also responsible for architecting, co-designing, and developing the training and delivery for four EY leadership platforms focused on foundational leadership skills, leadership in the digital age, reverse mentoring and coaching, mindset and behavior change, and high performing teaming and behaviors.

Prior to his current role, Jeff led and co-developed the EY Americas Transformation by Design offering.

Jeff holds a BS in Neuroscience and a BA in English from the University of Rochester. 

How Jeff is building a better working world

Jeff is building a better working world by infusing business with daily purpose (i.e., fulfilment) and future vision (i.e., hope for a better tomorrow). This helps to accelerate innovation and increase trust, earn customer and employee loyalty, and reframe transformations into a bottom-up, internal movement that is rooted in inspirational change.

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