Photographic portrait of Joonyoung Byeon
In 2018, more than 200 of 2008 Fortune 500 companies vanished, but “unicorns” increased from 7 to 124 in a year. Adopting digital operational innovation and innovative technology is becoming crucial.

Joonyoung Byeon

EY Asia-Pacific Strategy Practice Leader; EY-Parthenon Partner, Ernst & Young Korea Solution, Ltd.

A strategy expert with more than 25 years of consulting experience. Seeks to add value to clients’ core businesses through a holistic approach to digital strategy, innovation and transformation.

With more than 25 years of professional experience at multinational companies and global consulting firms, Joonyoung is a strategist and a pioneer of the future industry agenda, currently leading the EY-Parthenon Asia-Pacific Strategy Practice. Since joining EY in 2016, he has led the field of growth and digital strategy in the global management consulting industry. His experience includes corporate strategy, customer insights, channel strategy, M&A and globalization.

He has also actively participated as a keynote speaker and lecturer at external, major business forums and client sessions on digital transformation. He has also written various external publications and articles on issues such as management strategy.

Joonyoung graduated from Stanford University Graduate School of Business with an MBA degree and Yonsei University with a BA degree.

How Joonyoung is building a better working world

During his professional career as a management consultant at the EY organizations as well as other firms, Joonyoung has been committed to nurturing future leaders, in order to contribute to building a better working world. He gives lectures on strategy at major South Korean universities, including Yonsei University, where he earned his BA in Business Administration. He also volunteers at various organizations and gives back to the community through talent donations.

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