Photography portrait of Waqas Jamal
Successful digital transformation requires a change in business strategy and leadership mindset; and demands technology and data-driven solutions to resolve businesses’ most complex challenges.

Waqas Jamal

EY Americas Consulting Technology Transformation Consultant

Technology strategist focused on product & platform innovation to transform user experience. Technology enthusiast helping revolutionize business models. Globetrotter with passion for photography.

As a technology consultant at EY Americas, Waqas helps clients redefine their technology operating model. He develops a strategic plan to guide clients on their digital transformation journey and help them bridge the gap between business and technology.

Using DevOps practices to enable continuous development and deployment, Waqas assists EY clients on large-scale technology transformation projects to build a stable and nimble platform for digital applications.

With a deep background in IoT solution development for Oil and Gas clients, from predictive analytics to digital twins, Waqas works as a technology consultant with a focus on technology strategy, product development and platform engineering.

He holds an MBA from University of Chicago – Booth School of Business, and a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Illinois Tech.

How Waqas is building a better working world

Waqas works with large organizations to enhance their business performance by reimagining the way they utilize technology. He helps clients breakdown silos in their technology organization, improve IT efficiency and drive business growth by redesigning the IT organization structure, governance model and IT processes. 

His work at EY is centered at leveraging disruptive technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Intelligent Automation, and Cloud based solutions to help clients transform traditional ways of doing business and be competitive in the digital landscape. He specializes in building digital foundation that enables our clients to design, deliver and support next generation technology platforms and solutions.

By understanding the current state of client’s business model, including identifying key areas of opportunities and technology capabilities, and by envisioning the future state, Waqas helps build a roadmap guiding EY clients towards Building a Better Working World.

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