A photographic portrait of William Duckworth
Efficiency and productivity need not be the enemy of simplicity, beauty, transformation and engagement.

Will Duckworth

EY Asia Pacific Digital Leader

Passionate about design, digital technology, people.

Before joining EY, Will had a successful career in the IT industry. Will has experience driving emerging technology to the tipping point of mass adoption, from putting artificial intelligence on aircraft, launching internet banks, transforming online commerce with retailers & insurance companies, to reinventing every industry around mobile solutions. 

For more than 20 years Will has travelled the globe, working on innovative projects in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US, gaining humbling experience in different cultures, economies and geographies. Now, as Asia Pacific Digital Leader, Will is focussed on the opportunity for digital solutions to not only 'do cool things'​ for a company's brand but to completely reinvent the experience an employee, customer or citizen has with that organization. 

How Will is building a better working world

“I love taking an emerging technology from the bleeding edge to business-as-usual, mitigating the inherent risks through first-of-a-kind projects, deep insight into the industry value and scaling solutions for mass enterprise & consumer adoption. 

Efficiency and productivity need not be the enemy of simplicity, beauty, transformation and engagement - in fact they are essential companions. I work with clients daily to not only ‘do things better​’ but to ‘do better things’.” 

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