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EY teams bring you global resources, redefined processes and next-generation technology. We help you get more out of your finance function, driving greater visibility, enhanced compliance and data-driven decision-making — while positioning you to cut costs over time.

What EY can do for you

As global businesses revamp their strategies and face ever-evolving risks in the Transformative Age, finance functions are also confronted with a need to rethink what they do and how they do it — namely, to do more with less. They face questions such as:

  • How do they provide greater value as budgets get tighter and as top talent gets harder to find?
  • How do they manage costs and deliver value while providing transparency and real-time data — in multiple locations?
  • How can they keep pace with emerging technologies and make use of game-changing automation while retaining and upskilling top talent for value-added work?

EY Finance Operations provides the answers to all these questions with teams of dedicated accounting and tax professionals, using leading-edge technology, operating in a structure that brings together global and local resources across virtually every country in the world.

Dedicated EY teams provide you with scale through access to an extensive pool of talent, process optimization opportunities and leading-edge technology. This portfolio of end-to-end services is designed to help international companies operating in multiple markets.

Your business is equipped with the resources, processes and technology to drive speed and efficiency, compliance, and growth enablement:

  • Resources

    The extensive EY network — combining Global Delivery Centers with a local presence across 150 jurisdictions — means both a globally consistent and tailored response is provided, according to each client’s need and process in scope.

  • Processes

    A standard process blueprint, with a suggested split of responsibilities, can be adapted to your requirements to cover all finance and tax processes. Your business can increase its process depth and outsource additional activities, as well as add entities not included in the original scope — and widen the scope further with new value-added processes.

  • Technology

    The EY Finance Platform is flexible enough to accommodate your requirements with the possible integration of automation tools and reporting technology. Next-generation tools equip the business with AI-enabled data analytics, keeping a constant pulse on the company’s health and performance. A company-wide platform with harmonized data structure and real-time financial reporting makes integration of new business faster. It also helps you to respond instantly with updates and actions.

The result? Your organization is positioned to:

  • Enhance visibility across all your locations
  • Comply with rapidly changing regulatory requirements
  • Improve insights to support managerial decisions
  • Gain time to focus on your business objectives
  • Reduce the likelihood of tax controversy
  • Cut the cost of your finance and tax function over time

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