DORA - Ensuring the Cyber Resilience of Financial Institutions

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Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important topic, especially in the context of increasing digitalization, which brings potentially higher cyber risks. In response to this situation, the European Commission has prepared the Digital Operations Resilience Act (DORA) Regulation. This regulation aims to reduce the risks associated with the use of information technology and strengthen the resilience of financial systems through uniform rules applicable throughout the European Union.

What EY can do for you

EY focuses on adapting to the requirements of DORA to ensure that you are adequately protected and compliant with the regulation.

Our range of cyber resilience services for financial institutions includes the following:

  • Risk Assessment: we conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential vulnerabilities in your organization's digital operations and provide recommendations on how to manage those risks.
  • Compliance Assessment: We assess the extent to which your organization is compliant with DORA and provide support in areas that require improvement.
  • Incident Response Planning: We will help your organisation develop an effective incident response plan that meets the requirements of DORA.
  • Cybersecurity Testing: We will conduct cybersecurity testing to assess the effectiveness of your security measures and identify any weaknesses that need to be addressed with corrective action.
  • Third Party Risk Management: We will help your organisation manage cyber risks associated with third parties, such as suppliers and service providers, in full compliance with DORA.

Our services aim to help your organization ensure sufficient protection and full compliance with DORA requirements. At the same time, we offer implementation of best practices to help you improve cybersecurity and resilience in the digital age.

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