Growth strategy

Attaining sustained and profitable growth is imperative but difficult to achieve. Growth strategy is at the core of what EY-Parthenon does.

What EY can do for you 

At EY-Parthenon, we challenge status quo assumptions to help create strategies for our clients to grow, optimize their portfolios and improve profitability.

We can help you with building your corporate and business unit strategy, enhancing your portfolio strategy, identifying and assessing new market growth opportunities, and evaluating your strategic business model. And, with our proprietary diagnostic framework, the Full Potential Paradigm™, we can help you set performance targets, prioritize investments and mitigate risk with confidence.

  • Have you optimized the growth of your core business?
  • What adjacencies should you evaluate, prioritize and pursue to optimize growth?
  • In this time of disruption, is there transformational growth you should be considering, from both organic and inorganic means?
  • Corporate and business unit strategy

    We help translate data-rich activities such as competitive analysis and economic forecasting, market sizing and customer perspectives into actionable and successful strategies. We assess the size of each opportunity available to a client, as well as their ability to capture that growth. 

  • Portfolio strategy

    We help our clients understand the role and potential — both growth and revenue — of different business units and advise them to make business and allocation decisions based on that understanding, as well as identifying opportunities for acquisitions/tuck-ins and potential divestitures.

  • New market growth opportunities

    We help our clients explore new market opportunities such as the expansion into new geographies, the identification of new channels, the targeting of new customer segments, or even the creation of new product categories. We then explore what gaps our clients need to fill to fully capture that market opportunity and evaluate the most efficient ways to fill those gaps.

  • Strategic business model evaluation

    In a world of constant disruption and transformation, we assess our clients’ business models in order to determine whether or not it’s the optimal model to match the changing demands of their respective market.  

  • Full Potential Paradigm

    We use our proprietary and holistic diagnostic framework, the Full Potential Paradigm (FPP) to help CEOs confidently set performance targets, prioritize investments and mitigate risk.


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