Customer analytics platform

Customer and shopper relationship management continues to evolve. AI supported marketing decisions and next best offer recommendations are becoming essential to stay competitive in a world with increasing volume of data about customer behavior, shopping habits and interactions.

The EY Customer Analytics Platform leverages these concepts together with state-of-the art A/B testing approaches to deliver tailor made experiences and offers to your customers and shoppers. All in a quest to improve customer relationships and lifetime value through better retention, up-selling, X-selling and next best offer recommendations.

What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

AI Marketing is a concept leveraging customer data, recent advances in machine learning and A/B testing concepts to predict customer / shoppers’ next move and next best offer to respond. This result-oriented approach helps increase customer / shopper lifetime value and retention / repeat sales.

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The EY Customer Analytics Platform is a retail customer Artificial Intelligence-aided optimization solution which helps answer the following questions: how to convert visitors into customers, how to retain the existing ones and how to sell more to a customer. Typical client targets are general retailers, banks, insurance companies, media companies, and a number of others – essentially almost any corporate with a large customer base.

Benefits resulting from the EY Customer Analytics Platform

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