The problem

  • Staff turnover is one of the biggest problems facing the business environment in Czech Republic.
  • € 2.8 billion/year negative impact to GDP due to employee turnover, driven by lost effort & lower productivity
  • 20 % average voluntary employee turnover rate

Our solution

The EY People Analytics platform provides insights into the reasons driving employee turnover in your organization, using a proprietary approach that combines EY’s rich experience in HR Advisory with data-driven observations & predictions using Machine Learning algorithms. Becoming an anticipator HR. – A unifying platform

Facilitated by an ecosystem spanning technology, business and academia, combines experience with our technology platforms to build confidence, create value and augment potential. 

Navigate your AI journey

  • Scan

    We extract relevant data from internal HR system.

  • Focus

    We proceed data to generate meaningful insights & predict future leavers.

  • Act

    We co-design an intervention plan to reduce employee turnover, tailored to your business.

Key features

1. Get a clear picture of how turnover happened in your organization

Descriptive analytics to easily understand how turnover evolved historically.

2. Put a number on the organizational cost of employee turnover

Financial impact assessment based on customizable taxonomies, allowing teams to quickly build a business case for an intervention plan.

3. Predict future leavers

Machine learning model to predict which employees are at risk of leaving in the next 12 months, constantly improving its prediction capability over time.

Only 11% of global leaders see their HR teams as anticipators. We’re on a mission to change that. Let's connect.

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