Working Capital Analytics

Improve your cash flow by accurate receivables payment scoring or better inventory management.

The typical first steps in working capital areas

  • Receivables – payment terms analysis, payment profiles by customers, DSOs… 
  • Payables – payment terms analysis, payment profiles by suppliers, DPOs…
  • Inventory – product segmentation analysis, SLOB

Following up on prospective areas with advanced analytics use cases


Developing a machine learning model for receivables payments to identify likely payment date and receivables at risk of being paid late or never, along with insights into main risk factors


Develop an analytical model to identify for each SKU the equilibrium (threshold) point between potentially lost sales (and / or lost margin) and cost of holding inventory, taking into account production lead time and uncertainty around demand predictions

Use available data with state-of-the-art machine learning methods to improve forecasting accuracy in order to optimize inventory levels and replenishment policies


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