EY Empire Manager

Platform enabling digitization of processes and workflows with minimal coding required.

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EY Empire Manager enables management and automation of key business processes and workflows. The platform offers high flexibility in modeling processes and creating workflows. 

Predefined workflows for common or unique processes are available or if required they can be customized to suit specific needs.

Ready to use solutions

Tailored solutions 

EY Empire Manager platform also enables creation of end-to-end, tailored solutions based on the specific needs of the client and the business process.
The scalability of EY Empire Manager enables modeling of a variety of processes across the organization, ranging from very simple to highly complex.

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Automated actions and available integrations
with 3rd party systems 

Technical features

EY Empire Manager has minimum IT requirements and allows for fast implementation

  • Flexible hosting

    Robust architecture solution allowing to process thousands of transactions simultaneously hosted on-premise or on cloud.

  • Minimum dependencies

    Only Linux server with Docker service installed is needed.

  • Easy implementation

    Stand-alone, executable package through Docker container that includes everything needed to run the application: code, runtime, system tools, libraries and settings.

  • Simple access

    Friendly connection to other systems via web services, HTTP, SFTP or any other protocol. The only step is to allow network connection.

  • Zero downtime

    Deployments through multiple containers and rolling updates.

  • Thin client

    No need to install anything on client’s computer. Our solution is available fully via browser supporting all latest versions of Chrome, Explorer, Safari and others. 

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