ESG Maturity Assessment

Your platform for corporate ESG strategy. An opportunity to evaluate the current situation, effectively merge ESG strategy with business, and set the relevant steps for subsequent implementation.

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What does your company do for the planet and society?

Based on the EY Europe Long-Term Value and Corporate Governance Survey 2023, a good ESG strategy is increasingly perceived as a sign of a company's resilience and readiness for current and future challenges. We therefore aim to provide clients across different sectors with a comprehensive view of environmental, social and governance factors, including the development of a strategy for sustainable growth, better relationships with customers, investors, and employees.

EY ESG Maturity Assessment is a platform providing everything you need for a strategic ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) policy in any organization – from regional companies to multinational groups. It will guide you, in a user-friendly way, from the initial assessment of the current state and your aspirations, through the identification of shortcomings and opportunities, to the actual creation and ongoing management of the portfolio of ESG activities and investments.

Our platform has been designed to facilitate and simplify the ESG assessment process for entrepreneurs. We enable you to easily evaluate your ESG strategy, identify key areas for improvement, and design plans and strategies to streamline them.

Our ESG assessment solution will not only give you a clear view of the integration of ESG strategy into your business model, you will also be able to better understand sustainable business and use it as a competitive advantage.

ESG for future challenges

Current ESG practices also include less visible impacts. According to the EY Sustainable Value Study, supply chain sustainability as a major part of the report is gradually being directed at companies that have so far overlooked ESG — and that are not yet affected by existing European Union regulations. The extent to which existing and potential business partners have implemented ESG principles in their business plan is thus coming to the fore.

A good ESG strategy is a sign of a company's resilience and readiness for current and future challenges and for these reasons, among others, companies are intensively engaged in developing opportunities that will help them, for example, with the transition to renewable energy sources.

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