Photographic portrait of Nakulan Nair
Know what is most precious to you, where it is located and how to protect it from threats, both seen and unseen.

Nakulan Nair

EY Global Data Privacy & Protection Solution Leader

A technology enthusiast with a firm belief that most problems can be solved with the right combination of Bytes.

Areas of focus Consulting Cybersecurity
Office Bengaluru, IN

As the Data Privacy & Protection Solution Leader for EY, Nakulan is responsible for identifying and defining the right set of solutions, combining EY methodologies and processes with flexible technology, delivered by our privacy and protection specialists, to address the growing data security and privacy compliance requirements.

With a master’s degree in Distributed Systems & Networks, and 20+ years of experience in Information Security, Nakulan is passionate about finding new ways to address both old and new challenges in the digital age.

How Nakulan is building a better working world

To build a more secure working world, Nakulan helps drive innovation by ideating, incubating and developing new cybersecurity solutions through the EYdeate program. These solutions help clients address current and future data security challenges while navigating an evolving cybersecurity threat landscape, changing business priorities and widespread adoption of new and emerging technology.

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