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In a complex world, organizations are looking for new ways to innovate. In Consulting, we continuously seek better ways of working when we collaborate with clients to help them solve their problems and exploit opportunities to grow and optimize.

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In Consulting, we are building a better working world by transforming businesses through the power of people, technology, and innovation. By placing humans at the center, leveraging technology at speed, and enabling innovation at scale, our clients are transforming to realize long-term value for people, business and society at whole.

To achieve this, our teams are built by problem-solvers, curious and committed colleagues – we are technologists, economists, engineers, psychologists, political scientists, and much more. Our Consulting services are represented in Copenhagen and Aarhus. We work extensively across offices and with colleagues in the other Nordic countries. You will take part in a strong academic environment, focused on knowledge sharing both locally and across national borders.

Consulting is divided into two sub-service areas: Business Consulting and Technology Consulting. In both sub-service areas, we have dedicated teams that specialize in advising clients within the financial sector; these teams are part of our Financial Services Organization (FSO). Within all teams in Consulting and FSO, you get the opportunity to accelerate your skills within management consulting. In the following, you will find a brief description of all competency areas. 

Business Consulting

In Business Consulting, we imagine, design, manage, and deliver end-to-end transformations for our clients – to enable them to be at the forefront of a digital and dynamic world. This is important to our clients, as the world of business is constantly changing.

Business Consulting is divided into the following different competency areas where you will be able to unfold your passion.

  • Business Transformation

    In Business Transformation, we drive both smaller and larger transformation projects where we focus on strategy development and strategy implementation as well as orchestration of large-scale transformation projects across business areas. In these projects you will develop a wide range of skills such as structured problem-solving, client engagement, presentation techniques, workshop facilitation, and project management. We are engaged in projects across many different industries such as pharmaceutics, automotive, infrastructure and consumer goods and furthermore have a dedicated team focusing on the financial sector.

    Since we are operating in a business world that is constantly changing, it is essential that companies adapt their strategies and find better and more sustainable solutions to stay relevant. We help our clients see what’s next and turn today’s ambiguity into tomorrow’s opportunity. As transformation architects, we are part of a larger community of EY colleagues specialized in strategic analysis, innovation, and design thinking and operating model design, all working together to tackle our clients’ transformative challenges. By helping our clients translate visions and strategy into goals and concrete actions, whilst ensuring efficient execution and change management, we can help them optimize their capabilities, drive sustainable growth, and ensure long-term profitability. 


  • Enterprise Risk

    In Enterprise Risk, we support clients that transform their risk practices. We help our customers become more well-managed and risk-conscious businesses that make better decisions. From developing new governance models to identifying and addressing key risk areas. We leverage technology and integrate risks to drive strategic value, build and maintain trust in a rapidly changing risk landscape. We perform internal audits, develop audit plans, assist companies with risk transformation projects and Third-Party Risk Management. We work closely with Audit Committees, CAEs, Head of Internal Audits, CFOs, CROs and other key C-suite stakeholders. We support clients with new and emerging risks including ESG.

  • Finance Consulting

    In Finance Consulting, we help customers transform the finance function and create value by making their finances more agile (easier to change, more insightful and efficient) to help improve scalability, decision-making and global performance. Central to our work is a strong focus on people, systems, and processes in finance, and you will be working closely with CFOs and finance functions in large and international companies.

  • People Advisory Services

    The world continues to change as a result of developments in globalization, demographics, technology and regulation. These disruptive forces require organizations and their people to change rapidly. At the same time, it’s getting harder to source, manage, motivate, and retain talent while controlling costs. As consultants, we collaborate with management to drive workforce solutions and transformations that address complex people-related challenges, and ultimately improve and drive sustainable business results.

  • Risk Management & Actuarial Services

    In Risk Management & Actuarial Services, our scope ranges from risk management services in financial services (e.g., Credit- and Market Risk, Sustainable Finance and Climate Risk, Financial Crime, quantitative analysis, prudential regulation and financial risk and regulatory compliance) to actuarial services (e.g., advanced analytics, life- and non-life and pensions actuarial consulting). Our overarching team is divided into four sub-teams, each with its unique focus.

    • Quantitative Advisory Services
    • Regulatory and Actuarial
    • Financial Crime
    • Sustainable Finance

    Typically, candidates have a master’s degree within finance, economics, law, mathematics, statistics, or actuarial mathematics. 

    If you are interested in applying for this competency area, please indicate Financial Services Organization (FSO) in the application form.

  • Supply Chain & Operations

    In Supply Chain & Operations, we build, develop, and transform supply chains to be capable of handling the increasing volatility in today’s business environments. Delivering the right product, at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right place, is becoming increasingly complex for organizations. It requires leading technologies, processes, and know-how to function properly. We utilize these levers to transform entire supply chains, making them more sustainable and agile, to meet existing – and future customer demands.

    We analyze and evaluate current operations and identify potential across Strategy, Planning, Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Distribution to optimize processes by implementing Digital Enablers and Technologies. We facilitate and realize transformational journeys for our clients both locally and globally to enable End-to-End management of their Supply Chain. We help our clients improve their Supply Chain by increasing sales, becoming more cost-competitive, reducing risk, enhancing operational resilience, and reducing their footprint to become more sustainable.

  • Technology Risk

    In Technology Risk, we help our customers manage risks related to technology and data, and help clients build trust by providing independent assurance on technology, software, processes, or controls. To achieve this, it is important to understand the business: what drives value, business processes and the environment in which the business operates. Our projects are varied, but all create value by identifying and managing risk. We provide consulting services and independent third-party assessments of the IT environment that support the client's main business and build trust in the reporting of financial data.

    In our day-to-day work we support our colleagues from the financial audit teams, we provide assurance reports to companies, and we help businesses comply with legislation within IT security and GDPR.

Technology Consulting

In Technology Consulting, we help our clients improve performance, manage risk and drive innovation by improving technological solutions. We believe that getting the technology right can be the start or the end point of a transformation. We work in areas like digital transformation and strategy, IT sourcing and cloud, intelligent automation, data & analytics and emerging technologies.

Technology Consulting is divided into the following different competency areas where you will be able to unfold your passion.

  • Cybersecurity

    In Cybersecurity, we work together with our customers to improve and transform their cybersecurity work. We help customers with technological, organizational, and legal challenges to drive lasting improvements. Insufficient focus on cybersecurity is one of the most significant risks organizations are facing today. Most organizations rely on technology to drive business strategy and growth, where systems and processes are increasingly interconnected and automated. As the dependency on technology grows, so does cybersecurity risks for all companies across all sectors, and it is critical that it is on all professionals’ agenda.

    In Cybersecurity we work closely with several EY competency areas to accommodate for the current threat landscape from all perspectives. Our cross-functional teams enable us to address our customers' challenges holistically. This makes EY an industry-leading partner in cybersecurity. We are especially focusing on developing our competencies within cloud security, Identity Access Management, technical project leadership and OT/IoT. 

  • Data & Analytics

    In Data & Analytics, we assist clients spanning across all sectors to transform their firms into data-driven organizations where trusted intelligence is embedded in daily operations. Our approach to achieve this is to infuse data and analytics in the delivery of every project, solution, and asset. In Data & Analytics, we are data driven individuals who covers several different competencies such as:

    • Data Science
    • Data Engineering 
    • Data Architecture  
    • Data Management
    • Intelligent automation (NLP, RPA, …)

    Furthermore, we have a dedicated team focusing on clients in the financial sector working within areas such as modeling, AI etc., but common for all of us and what we are looking for in you is the interest in making a difference with data, are adaptable and innovative on technology and interested in connecting data with technology and business.

  • Technology Solutions Delivery

    In Technology Solutions Delivery, we provide end-to-end technology-enabled programs that meet our clients’ unique challenges. Our primary mission is to bridge the gaps between business needs, ESG ambitions and technological goals by planning, managing, and executing the deployment of technological business solutions. We translate strategic needs into tangible deliverables. We do this by reviewing the current digital state and performing technology assessments to developing the overall business and customer strategy and performing platform customizations to ensure a productive and meaningful usage of the technology investments. 

    We assist our clients in their digital transformation, utilizing our global capacity, extensive business knowledge and our technology alliance partnerships with SAP, IBM, and Microsoft. When working with our partners, we assist clients in transforming and optimizing their system landscape while also deep diving into enhancing user experiences in a world of constant changes. We work hard to always be a step ahead when it comes to regulations and new sustainability standards. We make sure to prepare and guide our clients to achieve maximum business value and establish technical readiness that makes them ready for change.

  • Technology Transformation

    In Technology Transformation, we work directly with CIOs and CTO across industries to address and advise on some of the most pronounced growth challenges posed by technology. We help our clients navigate the complex and ever-evolving digital landscape and ensure that they unlock the full potential of technology to drive innovation, build resilience, transform at scale to meet their digital transformation objectives. We leverage EY’s vast experience, diverse range of skills and broad ecosystem, consisting of partners and alliances with some of the world’s leading tech companies, along with globally demonstrated methodologies. This enables us to design bespoke digital solutions for our clients with long-lasting impacts.

    Our Technology Transformation team contains a wide range of skills and competencies, positioning us as an end-to-end transformation partner for our clients. This means that you will collaborate with experts from across the digital spectrum, including IT infrastructure, digital strategy, data, and transformation delivery in empowering our clients on their transformation journey.  

Financial Services Organization (FSO)

In Consulting, we have a group that specializes in assisting clients in the financial sector (banking, finance, and insurance). Our range of services is wide, from innovation and product development to the transformation of business models, the use of technology and data, smart risk management and realizing the underlying potential of an increasingly comprehensive regulatory framework.

If you are particularly interested in working as a consultant in the financial sector, we have dedicated teams within both Business Consulting and Technology Consulting. You can read more about the areas in the sections above. No matter the service area within FSO, you'll be part of a diverse and globally integrated team solving critical business problems in a world where disruption is commonplace, and technology is changing the business world at a rapid rate.

In Business Consulting, we have dedicated FSO teams within: In Technology Consulting, we have dedicated FSO teams within:
  • Business Transformation
  • Risk Management & Actuarial Services
  • Cyber Security
  • Data & Analytics
  • Technology Transformation

If you are applying to one of these and want to show particular interest in working with financial clients, please indicate Financial Services Organization (FSO) in the application form.

We guarantee that applicants will be considered for all opportunities at EY.

Life as a Graduate in Consulting

Pre-onboarding activities

From the time you sign your contract, it can typically take many months before you have your first day at EY. The waiting time can be long, and we would like to ensure that we are continuously in contact until your first working day. Therefore, as a graduate, you will find that we hold a lot of pre-onboarding activities, where you can meet your new future colleagues and become familiar with the business procedures at EY. It’s very important to us that you feel part of EY even before you start.

Our pre-onboarding activities have previously consisted of bowling, wine-tasting, bingo, Friday bar, dinner and quiz.

Nordic Induction Program

Your first meeting with EY as a new graduate is the Nordic Induction Program in August; a program that will give you an introduction to how everyday working life can be in the future and will give you the opportunity to get to know your new colleagues better. We spend a lot of time tailoring the program so that it will be an exciting experience for our new colleagues.

On the first day on the job after the introductory week, all our graduates are assigned to customer projects. This allows you to start very quickly building experience in how we work together with our customers.

Internal training and courses

During your first two years in Consulting, you will take part in our graduate program SPOT ON, which provides you with relevant courses, mentoring, and experience sharing with other graduates in Consulting.

Through a combination of formal and on-the-job training, you’ll learn professional and soft skills, and core project management skills. As you progress through the programme, you will take on more responsibilities and obtain experience across different teams, broadening your sector understanding and increasing your professional network.

The application process 

We are very focused on you having a good experience when you apply with us! We aim to understand you as an individual while also providing you with a distinctive opportunity to determine whether EY aligns with your career aspirations. By following the steps below, you'll be on your way to embarking on your "Exceptional EY Experience." Best of luck!

Read more about how it is to be a Graduate at EY

Your initial encounter with EY as a new graduate is the Nordic Induction Program in August. This program serves as your introduction to the potential dynamics of everyday working life and provides an opportunity to foster deeper connections with your new colleagues. We invest significant effort in customizing the program to ensure it becomes an engaging and enriching experience for our new colleagues. Read more about being a Graduate at EY through our career blogs.

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