Graduate in Strategy and Transactions

As a graduate in Strategy and Transactions, you will advise clients on how to innovate and stay competitive through buying, selling, or merging parts of their business.

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In Strategy and Transactions, our objective is to assist clients in achieving optimal capital performance, delivering value to stakeholders, and aligning with strategic corporate goals. The core elements of our strategies encompass buying, selling, and reshaping, all aimed at optimizing strategic, commercial, operational, and financial performance.

We identify growth opportunities by identifying areas for revenue generation, market expansion, and synergy capture. Our role is to empower clients to enhance value by evaluating potential future cash flows and identifying favorable funding options. We also specialize in risk mitigation, enabling clients to proactively identify deal-breakers and accelerate their efforts by focusing on high-impact value drivers.

EY provides strategic, economic, and social insights that empower our clients to make informed decisions about capital management and transactions.

Our Strategy and Transaction teams are based in Copenhagen and Aarhus, and we frequently collaborate across offices and with colleagues in other Nordic countries. You will be part of a robust professional environment that emphasizes knowledge sharing, both locally and internationally.

Within Strategy and Transactions, we offer various service areas, including EY-Parthenon, a global strategy consultancy that is part of EY.

  • Transaction Diligence

    Are you intrigued by the intricacies of a company's business plan and its financial strength? As a Graduate in Transaction Diligence, you will have the opportunity to join a dedicated team responsible for conducting financial analyses and offering transaction guidance to the largest and most prominent clients, both nationally and internationally, spanning corporate entities and private equity firms.

    In our field, we specialize in financial due diligence throughout the mergers and acquisitions process. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with unparalleled insights into a company's financial health, empowering them with a solid foundation for buying or selling decisions. This involves aiding our clients in comprehending business drivers through the use of cutting-edge analytics tools and advanced financial analyses.

    Our team is comprised of skilled, sociable, and diverse professionals, representing various educational backgrounds and nationalities. We share a common passion for financial analysis and are committed to assisting our clients in making informed decisions.


  • Valuation, Modelling and Economics

    In the Valuation, Modeling, and Economics service area, we offer a comprehensive range of financial analysis and decision support services. We assist our clients throughout all stages of a transaction, starting from decision support and valuation in the initial phase, to modeling and valuation during the transaction process, and culminating in purchase price allocation and subsequent value measurement after the transaction. Our overarching team is divided into three sub-teams, each with its unique focus.

    In Valuation, we perform valuations of companies and individual assets that recognize the need for transparent and robust consulting to satisfy corporate, regulatory, and accounting requirements. We help clients within a broad range of sectors advance their strategic, financial and tax agendas through corporate finance, the use of analytics and economic analyses.

    In Modelling, we work towards the green energy transition by enabling major Danish and international investment funds, institutional investors, and developers to make investment decisions within the renewable energy and power-to-x space. At our core, we develop complex financial models and detailed assessments and valuations of energy projects, often in combination with running M&A and debt financing processes. Further, we provide various financial modelling services for large corporates across different sectors.

    In Economics, we provide a wide range of services within the fields of corporate finance, debt and financial advisory, investment modelling, public-private partnerships, public infrastructure projects, cost-benefit analysis, health economics, modelling and advanced data analysis, competition and compensation, risk analysis valuation and investor advise for both infrastructure and real estate investments.

    Our work is typically related to financial advisory on some of the largest real estate and infrastructure projects in Denmark and the Nordics. We feel highly motivated to create success by advising clients in investment decisions on projects large enough to make an actual difference and create a better tomorrow.


  • Corporate Finance

    Are you intrigued by the intricacies of business acquisitions and sales processes and eager to play an active role in the entire transaction process? As a Graduate in Corporate Finance, you will become a vital part of our dynamic team, contributing to companies’ achievement of their strategic objectives through local or global mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

    We provide comprehensive support to business owners, private equity firms, and corporate clients across all stages of the M&A process: from preparing business plans and conducting valuations to managing buyer interactions and crafting effective deal negotiation strategies. Our aim is to be the preferred advisor in the market, and we take pride in being awarded “Financial M&A Adviser of the Year.” Most recently, we expanded our capabilities by acquiring Tofte & Company, a specialized tech M&A boutique, solidifying our position as a leading advisor for technology companies. Read more.

  • EY-Parthenon

    EY-Parthenon is a global strategy consultancy that is part of EY with more than 9,000 professionals focusing on a broad range of topics within Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Transformation, Corporate & Growth Strategy. In EY-Parthenon we assist clients throughout the entire M&A cycle, from strategy to purchase and sale, with key deliverables such as commercial due diligence, software due diligence and operational integration/separation.

    With global connectivity and scale, our teams focus on Strategy Realized — assisting Corporates and PE clients in driving and executing on their M&A agenda. We apply the latest thinking, research, analytics and a hands-on approach to solve complex business matters.

    Read more about EY-Parthenon.

    Business and Growth Strategy
    In the EY-Parthenon Business and Growth Strategy Team we assist clients to develop corporate and growth strategies by providing in-depth market, competitor, and customer insights. Our work revolves around business model strategies, portfolio strategy, value creation, digital transformation, commercial due diligence (buy and sell-side), and performance improvement. We serve a range of clients, both PE and corporates, across all sectors and work in close collaboration with executive management and company owners to create meaningful and long-lasting impact.

    When you join the EY-Parthenon Strategy team you will be an integral part of delivering value for our clients from day one, working closely together with the rest of the team. You will experience a steep learning curve driven by a multitude of different projects, tasks and sparring with experienced Consultants and Managers as well as significant exposure to Partners.

    Transaction Strategy and Execution
    In the EY-Parthenon Transaction Strategy and Execution (TSE) team we support clients with development, evaluation, and end-to-end execution of their transaction strategy. Our teams help clients to prioritize investment, quantify and implement portfolio optimization opportunities, and identify M&A targets to help achieve full potential. We are building a culture where you are embraced for who you are.

    What is special about working in our team is that we engage with a broad range of stakeholders from the CEO to the functional lead and that our projects are very different depending on the situation. This means that you will advise clients throughout the M&A lifecycle from due diligence, negotiations, day 1 operating model and post-merger integration (PMI). 

    We offer opportunities to work across the following diverse areas, with opportunities to focus as you progress:

    • Deal Strategy and Value Creation
    • Technology and Due Diligence
    • Buy & Integrate and Sell & Operate

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Your initial encounter with EY as a new graduate is the Nordic Induction Program in August. This program serves as your introduction to the potential dynamics of everyday working life and provides an opportunity to foster deeper connections with your new colleagues. We invest significant effort in customizing the program to ensure it becomes an engaging and enriching experience for our new colleagues. Read more about being a Graduate at EY through our career blogs.

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