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In the midst of an industry undergoing fundamental change, we offer insights to help you reshape your business for the future.

The disruption sweeping the energy and resources industry brings more opportunities than challenges — for companies that get ahead of change.

Decarbonization, digitization, cost pressures and geopolitical uncertainty are just some of the forces transforming the energy and resources industry. Mining and metals, oil and gas, and power and utilities companies face a common challenge: how to marry short-term commercial pressures with the need to reshape their businesses for the future.

EY helps energy and resource companies tackle this challenge. Our teams help you reshape your business by focusing on the structure, services, technologies and capabilities needed to meet commercial objectives today and create long-term value tomorrow. Together, we can unlock the opportunities of an uncertain future — and build a better working world.

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Aerial construction on building rooftop

Transforming material master data from liability to asset

A leading energy company utilized the unique EY data management approach to streamline its material master system, saving time and money.

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