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Participate in our mentorship program and become part of a supportive community to further grow your professional competencies, reflect upon your future career and network with other female students and consultants.

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Women in Consulting is your mentorship program and is yours to build

During the program tenure, you will be appointed a mentor which will be one of our ambitious and dedicated female consultants. In Women in Consulting you will get a peek into the life of a management consultant and be given a safe space to reflect upon your future career and development. Together, we will find answers to questions you may have for your development, work culture, work life balance and how you can position yourself for a career in consulting. Along with your mentor and our network, we will help you reach your full potential and guide you through the transition from being a student to becoming a young professional.

Your mentorship program and unique networking opportunities:

  • If you are selected to join this mentorship program, you will be paired with a mentor aligned with your interests and personality to focus on how to leverage your background and build on your development.
  • It is key for our mentors to establish a good relation in order to create a safe space for sincere and open conversations, where all questions are relevant and welcomed. The mentorship program will run from September 2024 until November 2024. You will lead the agenda and frequency of meetings between you and your mentor.

Additionally, Women in Consulting offers you a unique network structed around events that will be facilitated in the period. It will vary from social events with all the entire network, to professional presentations and individual sessions.

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You are eligible for participating in the mentorship program, if you are a student, currently finishing the last year of your bachelor’s degree, first or second year of your master’s degree.

  • If you are interested in becoming part of our mentorship program, please upload your CV and anything else that you would like to share.
  • As part of the application process, you should expect to elaborate on what makes you a strong candidate for joining EY’s Women in Consulting by answering a few questions on video. You will receive a link to this after you have applied.
  • Applicants can expect to receive a final answer to their application after the application deadline, but please send us your application already today.

At EY, we acknowledge that diverse teams’ performance accelerates when various competences are combined. The same goes for educational backgrounds. Therefore, we welcome students from all Danish universities. Whether you come with a background within technology, cybersecurity, economics, engineering, communication, data analytics, or something completely different.

If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact We look forward to receiving your application!

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We all have a responsibility for equality

Tine Falk-Winkel, Manager in Consulting and one of the founders of “EY Women in Consulting”, blogs about equality, prejudices and ambitions.

Read the blogpost (DK).

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