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Our Government & Public Sector community brings together more than 20,000 EY people from over 100 countries. All of us share a passion to help governments work better for their people.

What EY’s Government & Public Sector team can do for you

In many parts of the world, expectations of government are rising. Citizens are demanding greater online access to public services and a more personalized, seamless digital experience. But at a time of low economic growth and tight public finances, the challenge can rarely be met with more government spending and a larger public sector workforce.

So government must do more with less. And this means becoming more effective and efficient. We work with government and public sector organizations at all levels, from national to local, help them to meet these challenges and create better outcomes for the citizens they serve.

Here are some examples of EY services:

  • We apply digital technologies to help make public services more effective and personal for the people who use them.
  • We help governments to look at the digital needs of their citizens and create digital transformation strategies that improve their service delivery at the department level through to entire government business models.
  • We help to improve how governments manage public finances, so that the money spent on behalf of taxpayers creates more value.
  • We develop public-private partnerships and asset management strategies to support the development of infrastructure, which improves people’s lives and fosters economic growth.
  • We use data analytics to help schools and higher education institutions improve the learning outcomes of citizens.
  • We help defense forces to streamline operations, cut costs, procure smarter and transform their workforce so they can keep their people safe in a complex and uncertain world.
  • We help governments to provide incentives for entrepreneurs and start-ups, and provide strategies for economic development.

Our broad international experience, combined with in-depth knowledge of national and regional government issues, helps us to provide global services tailored for local markets.

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