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19 Apr 2023

Winners of SHE Index 2023

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Frithjov Angel Nerby

PR and Communications Manager, EY Norway

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For the sixth time since its beginning, the SHE Index powered by EY is ranking businesses’ efforts within DE&I. The Index started in Norway, and now also ranks businesses in Sweden and Finland.

The SHE Index powered by EY is a catalyst for encouraging stakeholders to focus on diversity and inclusion in leadership and workforce, equal compensation and work life balance. By joining the Index, companies have taken an important step in being a part of the journey towards greater diversity and inclusion.

– The SHE Index is a tool that companies can use to assess their gender balance and take important steps towards equality. Reporting is one thing, but even more important is how companies follow through on it. Good attitudes, concrete actions, and innovative measures based on what the report shows must be implemented to create a work culture where equality and diversity are at the core of growth, says Astrid R. Skaugseth.

Tonight, the winners of the SHE Index 2023 in Norway, Finland and Sweden were announced.

The winners of the SHE index is presented during the annual SHE conference, by Nordic Chief Sustainability Officer in EY, Christin Bøsterud. SHE and EY are the ones behind the index which measures the gender balance in the business sector.

– The work on diversity and inclusion belongs on every CEO's agenda. This is important both socially and for business; we need people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. The SHE Index is a great way to showcase the good work, but it also gives us an idea of how far we have left to go, says Christin Bøsterud.

SHE Index Norway

  1. Storebrand
  2. Ikea
  3. Telenor

She Index Sweden

  1. Nordea
  2. Coor
  3. Viaplay

She Index Finland

  1. Nordea
  2. Capgemini
  3. Tietoevry

For more information, please visit SHE Index.