Photo of Esben Juul Hansen, EY
Helping our many clients to adapt and develop a clear roadmap and strategy for their work with sustainability, relating to both compliance, reporting, value creation, governance, and implementation.

Esben Juul Hansen

Associate Partner, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EY Denmark

Sustainability expert, with a strategic mindset working to create a connection between assurance and strategy. Knows the sustainability agenda and how to navigate in the future landscape of ESG.

Esben is leading the Climate Change and Sustainability Services team in Aarhus. Esben holds a degree in Political Science and has a proven history of driving sustainable change within complex organizations.

Esben is heading a range of EY's large ESG assurance engagements. He is an experienced project manager and drives a broad range of our ESG advisory projects,  related to CSRD readiness, implementation, climate accounting, ESG strategy and ESD due diligence.

How Esben is building a better working world

Esben delivers a transparent and clear process, focusing on the end result and on creating lasting changes and adherence to the ESG regulation. While doing this he knows that compliance and value creation must go hand in hand. Thus, Esben always has a strong focus on delivering flexible solutions to the clients.

Esben believes that to create great value we must care for both the planet and the people we work with. Thus, Esben is always trying to secure an inclusive and flexible working environment where people can contribute with different angels and competencies.

As a private person Esben tries his best to contribute to the green transition both by the way he travels, eats, and lives.

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