Photo of Henrik Thon-Jensen, EY Denmark
My focus is on state-of-the-art digital solutions to respond to sensitive situations in a timely and efficient manner.

Henrik Thon-Jensen

Head of Forensic & Integrity Services, Partner, EY Denmark

Focus is on digital solutions and fast and efficient handling of sensitive situations.

Henrik is Head of Forensic & Integrity Services in Denmark. He has extensive experience in both leading and participating in numerous large forensic investigations for both public and private companies as well as government entities.

A motivation for Henrik is to efficiently support clients in setting up procedures and safeguards for preventing fraud and economical misconduct due to breaches of compliance – and when fraudulent behavior or economical misconduct are suspected or found, to lead investigations helping clients in fact findings, calculating losses and to regain compliance as well as effective procedures and safeguards.

Henrik is a specialist in handling whistleblower cases, interviewing key personnel and assisting clients improving their compliance setup.

Henrik focus to helping clients solving complex matters using state-of-the-art digital solutions and eDiscovery services, setting up strategies for not only reviewing large amounts of data but also help providing documentation for clients like FBI, SØIK and other authorities in Denmark and abroad.

Henrik is highly committed, responsive, and solution-oriented by nature. He has great communication, cultural, and interpersonal skills from many years of working with international teams.

How Henrik is building a better working world

"My focus is to respond in a timely and efficient manner to prevent and detect fraud and economic crime both in Denmark and globally."

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