Photo of Jan C. Olsen, EY Denmark
It is my ambition to ensure that we at EY Denmark continue to deliver high-quality services and meet the high standards expected from our surroundings.

Jan C. Olsen

CEO and Country Managing Partner for EY Denmark and leader of Assurance in Denmark. Member of EY's Regional Leadership Team

A practical and solution-oriented auditor and advisor for Danish and international clients. Wants to develop the best employees and strengthen diversity.

Areas of focus Assurance

Jan C. Olsen is CEO and Country Managing Partner for EY Denmark and leads Assurance in Denmark. He is part of EY's Nordic management.

With more than 20 years of experience in auditing and advising e.g., large international companies Jan has gained solid insight not just into the audition disciplines, but also stock market conditions and several facets of optimization and reporting. He has a broad global network and values collaboration and strong relationships.

Jan plays an active role in several networks and initiatives aimed at shaping the future workplace with room to thrive, for instance by increasing diversity in Danish business life. Furthermore, the opportunity for access to continuous development and skill enhancement for all employees is a high priority for Jan, who often teaches at EY in various training programs. Jan is a state-authorized public accountant and holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration in Auditing from Copenhagen Business School (CBS). He joined EY Denmark as CEO in 2020.

How Jan is building a better working world

"With the speed at which the world is changing, you can either be overtaken or choose to take the driver's seat and help steer the direction. As auditors and advisors, we leave an imprint on society, and we contribute to creating trust and stability in the business world as well as in the capital markets. In my role, I have a responsibility both to EY and to the rest of the industry. I use my voice, knowledge, and experience to focus on issues that are close to my heart."

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