Louise Dyrendahl
I want to contribute to the success of individuals and of organizations by developing the most important business resource there is: people.

Louise Dyrendahl

Partner, Nordic Head of Workforce, EY Sweden

Loves to solve problems on behalf of the client. Spends free time with family and writing a book. Lover of nature. Passionately interested in fashion.

Louise is head of the Workforce Advisory in the Nordic countries. She leads a consulting team with specialists in the areas of HR and talent, HR-IT, leadership and diversity, reward structures and organizational design.

Louise has worked as a consultant in the areas of business development, transformation and human capital for over 20 years. She is driven by helping companies to streamline and digitalize their talent and HR processes.

Louise holds a master’s degree in Road and Waterway Construction from Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology. She has also studied at Imperial College London and worked in, among others, Great Britain and the Middle East.

How Louise is building a better working world

"When individuals in a company are motivated and have a clear goal, they perform highly. When companies also have a rich network of relationships and diversity, the workforce becomes innovative.

With these insights, companies can develop a successful company culture. In this way, my colleagues and I want to help our clients to create lasting change."

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